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Bill Blackburn - Executive Director

A message from David Clements, Executive Director SBC:

The Southern Bowling Congress remains strong and vibrant with interest increasing every year.  With a strong core of Directors and Cities vying for hosting our annual tournament, there is every reason to be excited about our future.

Changes are coming and some are apparent even now.  The ABC, as we knew it, is no more and the SBC will march forward with the new USBC.

We have also embraced the technology of the future by setting up our own web site extraneous to the Memphis Bowling Association's site which for years provided us space there.  Thank You, MBA for your support!

We look forward to the future and are excited about the SBC and the role it plays in our wonderful sport of bowling.


A short history of the Southern Bowling Congress as related by Rex J. Brown (edited)

The exact year the Southern Bowling Congress was formed is unknown, however, I have seen a medal from Atlanta, Georgia, that showed the Southern was in existence in the 1920's.

To my knowledge, the Southern Bowling Congress began with two states, Alabama and Tennessee.  The first tournament, in which I was involved or had knowledge of, was held in Birmingham in 1939.  The next tournaments were held in Memphis (1940), Knoxville (1941) and New Orleans (1942).  The Southern then disbanded for the duration of World War II.

The Southern was reorganized in 1947 by Heine Mallick, ABC Director from Memphis, Jack Ilgenfritz of Shreveport, E. L. Belisoma of Memphis and Rex Brown of Birmingham.  This group met in New Orleans and it was then decided to reorganize.  The Louisiana State Association and the Louisiana State Proprietors Association were meeting at the same time and they were asked for their support and they agreed enthusiastically.

The founding purpose was to promote and foster the game of ten-pins and to create new friendships and amiable competitive bowling.  The Southern then grew to twelve (12) states but is now nine (9) states.

Interest has been very keen and the meetings are well attended.  All the states have helped support the Southern, but Memphis is an outstanding city, becoming the backbone of the Southern by their continued support of the tournaments and being the host city many times.

Because of the interest in bowling and the Southern Bowling Congress, it has grown to be the largest sectional tournament in the South.

Four (4) members of the Southern Bowling Congress have attained the highest rank offered by the American Bowling Congress, that of President, Earl J. Reed of West Palm Beach, FL. in 1963-64, Conn O. Wilson of Dallas, TX. in 1970-71, Rex J. Brown of Birmingham, AL. in 1972-73 and Jim Bevins of Knoxville, TN. in 2002-03.


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